Emma-Louise Johnston is an experienced freelance TV presenter, reporter and producer. She worked  with GMTV in the UK for five years where she fast gained a reputation as an intelligent and versatile reporter, as comfortable in ‘live’ situations as pre-recorded.

Well known as a travel presenter at home in Northern Ireland,  she was selected by the BBC to present two series of travel shows that took her all round the world, covering destinations from Barbados to Berlin and Canada to Capetown.  She has also reported for ITN and Channel 7 news, Australia.

Her GMTV assignments have been wide and varied and include interviews with  Leonardo de Caprio, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Kofi Annan, to covering the harrowing story of Ken Bigley, abducted and executed in Iraq.  Emma-Louise reported daily to the nation from outside the Bigley’s Liverpool home.

The ability to remain cool, under pressure, was key to reporting from, sometimes deadly riot scenes in Northern Ireland, where petrol bombs exploded and live rounds were fired only feet away.

Emma-Louise has proved a popular host at many events including fashion shows, travel events, photographic exhibitions and covered London Fashion week and the Elle style awards, as well as guest speaking to youth groups. She has been described as a born natural when it comes to television-fun, intelligent and sensitive.